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It is the main town in the Mansfield local government district and is a part of the Mansfield Urban Area.Nestling in a pocket within the Maun Valley surrounded by hills, the town is around 12 miles (19 km) north of Nottingham.Stone objects and charcoal remains established dates of 35,000, 46,000, and 60,000 B. C." In September 1988, a team of international physicists came to South Africa to verify the age of human habitats in Swaziland and Zululand.The most modern techniques indicated an age of 80,000 to 115,000 years.Is there evidence that mining took place, in southern Africa, during the Old Stone Age?Archaeological studies indicate that it indeed was so.Need help identifying a movie that you just can't remember the name of? As always, Google first, but if you have no luck searching on your own, some of the WP movie buffs may be able to help out.Don't know if anyone can help here, but I was up late one night earlier this week in Townsville (not sure which night actually) and was watching this cheesy old B movie about a dentist who fakes his own death and takes his dead twin's identity..to discover that his brother was a horribly corrupt ex-CIA agent I know what you're thinking..."Sounds Super! "Adapted from an Appalachian Jack Tale set in the late 1940s, this tale follows a World War II veteran named Jack who, in return for an act of kindness, receives two magical gifts: a sack that can catch anything and a jar that can show whether a sick person will recover or die. :) I think it might have been in England and they were digging a tunnel and found a "Space ship" buried there.

If you are not very computer savvy or simply lack of the desire to challenge yourself, buying one of them may not be a bad choice since most of them cost only about to .I can't remember all the details, however some of the main features are: 1. It was released recently (1-3 years ago), featuring interconnecting relationshipsamong urban young professionals set in modern Mumbai.That a stealth plane docks onto the underside of the hijacked jet. It's a "serious" movie and doesn't include any Bollywood-type dancing and music. A long time ago (probably 30 years) I saw a movie on TV that involved ants.Realizing that sites of abandoned ancient mines may indicate where gold could be found, South Africa's leading mining corporation, the Anglo-American Corporation, in the 1970s engaged archaeologists to look for such ancient mines.Published reports (Optima) detail the discovery in Swaziland and other sites in South Africa of extensive mining areas with shafts to depths of fifty feet. The archaeologists and anthropologists who joined in dating the finds believed that mining technology was used in south- ern Africa "during much of the period subsequent to 100,000 B.

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