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And often, these biases lead to the abandonment of potentially brilliant interactions.

A POETICS OF GREEN ENERGY (2014–2015) Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits / RIXC (Latvia) Pond Battery is a continuation of Biotricity art-science research project carried out by RIXC – Riga based artist collective.

Another new element is the use of a “cold open” before the show’s title card.

Let's forget all about sex and violence for a while, and just talk about Lewis Carroll, the man and his creations.

So does this mean that people who come to this lounge come with the intention of starting off on a new note? Would that lead to a completely different set of associations and relationships?

Hmmm, would be interesting to start over with a clean slate...'tabula rasa'. What if..woke up one day with no past, no identity, and effectively, no baggage. We are often biased by our circumstances and experiences.

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