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She uploads her pictures in Instagram to share them with her fans and loved ones.She has more than 7 thousand followers in the site and she has already posted 270 times.“There is a certain pressure in the industry but I’ve tried to get away from that by playing as many different characters as I possibly can so I am not boxed in.If it’s all about your looks, once you start to age your career’s over.I would hate it to be dictated to me in that way.” The actress, who has a daughter Gracie with David Thewlis and has also dated Rhys Ifans, is single and said work meant “there was not much room for a man”. She told The Times: “It’s through choice, not something that’s been put upon me, and I don’t think there should be a stigma to that. The actress, who shot to fame in 1994 after her character in Brookside, Beth, famously shared a lesbian kiss with Nicola Stephenson’s Margaret, said she remained close to both Thewlis, 53, and Ifans, 48, and did not rule out rekindling her last relationship with an unnamed man.

She said: “If there were two people in a room, of equal talent, up for a part, it would be a lie to say they wouldn’t think of the one who looks after themselves above the one that doesn’t.

"I'm trying to be a farmer right now," he says, that beard suddenly seeming perfectly in character. I want people to buy a ticket because they're interested in the character and interested in the work and interested in the story."That predisposition for privacy has fueled endless rumors about Pace's personal life, speculation he dismisses as inherently disruptive to the very reason audiences are attracted to him in the first place. So, I'm already revealing more of myself than I'm comfortable with."In an era where stars' private lives are fodder for tabloid consumption or soapy reality exploits, Pace's decision to focus on the work allows the audience to be completely immersed in his characters' rich inner lives. Despite Joe's potentially polarizing nature, the show's creators, Chris Rogers and Chris Cantwell, insist that finding someone as charismatic as Pace wasn't a requirement.

"I've been wanting a tractor for such a long time, and I finally bought this one," he says, grinning and showing off photos with the fervor of a new parent. Maybe part of that has to do with the fact that the Julliard-trained Pace had the ability to reinvent himself constantly as a child — born in Oklahoma, Pace's life was uprooted to Saudi Arabia when he was around 5 years old (a result of his father's job in the oil industry), before he returned to the U. "While I wouldn't say that we were explicitly searching for someone with 'likability,' it was important to us that we find an actor with a lot of charisma and emotional nuance to play Joe," says Rogers.

In 1992, Anna Friel was cast in another soap opera, Brookside, set in Liverpool, playing the role of Beth Jordache.

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