Dating someone with child

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It’s no big deal, but failure to tread softly can kill off a potentially brilliant romance. This is a concept that is sometimes hard for people who aren’t parents to understand.

Recognise that a father’s love for his children is paramount, or should be.

The same rules apply in reverse if you are a man keen on a woman who has children.It was of no consequence whether we were tucking into eggs benedict at 11 or 11.30, but she interpreted my concern for my son as disregard for her.I saw her irritability as evidence that she was a narcissistic psycho. You wouldn’t want to go out with a man who put you before the needs of his kids.There are plenty of people who like children and who want to date someone with children.While other single parents are probably the most likely to be interested in dating someone with children, there are lots of people who have no children of their own who would be delighted with a ready-made family.

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