Top 10 most intimidating

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It takes hard work to be an NHL tough guy, and that means hours in the weight room, extra time on the ice, and hard work at home with the right nutrition to help pack on that extra muscle.

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Tiger Stadium, LSU Tiger Stadium, or “Death Valley” to some, is perhaps the most dangerous place to play in college football.People who enjoy golf are often asked, "Who would make up your dream foursome? Mike Dudurich, a featured columnist for Bleacher, takes a look at 10 of the most intimidating players to be paired with in golf history." Among that foursome, you're bound to find at least one well-known, or even legendary professional golfer. It's a pretty cool list and Dudurich even provides a reason for what makes each of these entries so intimidating.Maybe he’s played a bit dirty at times but the hits certainly haven’t gone unchecked as he’s one of the top NFL benefactors when it comes to fines.Even at age 38, the workout warrior is one of the strongest dudes in the league today.

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