Updating phusion passenger

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But I noticed that when using this setup for clients, each time I ordered a new one, the configurations changed and I had to figure out how to solve problems I had already dealt with when I wanted to put together the same small Rails/Passenger production system I've used for all my apps.

I was looking for something I could repeat on-demand with minimal unknowns.

However, because the sub-directory Apache Passenger setup is non-standard, you have to alter some of the steps when configuring Git Lab: Note that it will complain about the init script not being up-to-date because it was replaced with a custom version.However, getting it to work with a subdirectory took a few minutes.The basic idea is that Apache handles the static assets, and Passenger handles the rest. Those modules may be installed and loaded together with mod_passenger, and they will work fine outside virtual hosts that contain a Rails application, but we recommend you not to use their features inside virtual hosts that contain a Rails application.The benefits cited by Netherlands-based Phusion of running apps under Passenger include: The Passenger authors also point out that integrating with Apache/Nginx brings benefits like accelerated static file serving and protection against many common attacks and slow clients.The announcement is a step towards Phusion's self-professed goal of making Passenger "the ultimate polyglot app server".

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