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In order to ensure that potential customers have a full understanding of what the ADU software product has to offer, numerous seminars are held throughout the country, throughout the year.

The ADU technical support line is open 7 days a week to answer all questions or enquiries as well as assist with any technical support matters our users may have.

We do not expect you to just rely on email support, we are available by telephone, email, live chat & social media.

We strive to provide individualised customer service for each of our customers, regardless of how many customers we have.

I was very surprised to find that we were able to claim back such a large amount of money.

The amount of time between the sale of a property and the registration of this information with HM Land Registry varies. Data for the two most recent months is therefore incomplete and does not give an indication of final monthly volumes.

Occasionally the interval between sale and registration is longer than two months.

Will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, London Heathrow Airport Start Time 10.00am – Finish Time 5.00pm We will be demonstrating ADU Software, the new SBS utility and of course the Mobile App Places are priced at £17 per person and are open to current subscribers and non subscribers.

All day, Unlimited Tea & Coffee with a selection of Sandwiches If you have any special dietary requirements please email [email protected] to the Seminar. Bookings can be made via our website from our Products page.

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